A Healthy Workforce Starts With a Healthy Mind

10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
The speakers will discuss:

· The pillars of physical, emotional, social and financial health all share one thing in common – mental health. Without strong, resilient minds it’s difficult to truly achieve lasting progress in the other areas of health and therefore have a healthy workforce that is ready and prepared to thrive in your business environment.

· Mental health is a continuum along which employees dynamically travel as they react to life’s challenges and many do not even recognize that they have emotional health challenges. To be effective you need a solution that works across the broad spectrum, removes stigma, delivers a personalized experience and fits into an employees’ busy life.

· Everyone talks about engagement but what does it really take to achieve it. We’ll show how collaboration, creativity, communication, incentives and broad-based support helped us achieve activating over 30% of our employees within two weeks of launch.