WORK + LIFE: Balance or Collision? Why Workplace Wellness Works

12:00 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.
With social media at our fingertips, the rise of mental health issues, and the increasingly competitive work environment, the days of a simple and separate work life balance have been replaced by an always-on mobile workforce. From executive leaders to operational do-ers, attendees will see how the evolving collision of work and life doesn’t have to hinder our sanity. Instead, with wellness tools offered in the workplace we learn to navigate the changing demands and attain balance of the mind, body and soul in and outside of the office.

The session will discuss:

-Studies prove consistent, multi-faceted corporate wellness programs build team camaraderie and engagement with their employer, in turn heighten productivity, decrease absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

-To recruit and retain high-caliber employees, its imperative companies are competitive in offering wellness programs that support a healthy work life balance, while being mindful of their wellness budget and company’s bottom-line.