Elizabeth Klodas, MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Step One Foods
Elizabeth Klodas
Elizabeth Klodas MD, FACC is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Step One Foods, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Step One Foods develops clinically proven ready-to-eat foods that are as easy to use and as effective as medications for addressing high cholesterol and other cardiometabolic conditions.

Dr. Klodas completed her Cardiology fellowships with both the Mayo Graduate School and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and founded Preventive Cardiology Consultants, where she continues to see patients. She is the author of a book for patients: Slay The Giant: The Power of Prevention in Treating Heart Disease, and served as the Founding Editor of www.cardiosmart.org, the patient education website of the American College of Cardiology. Having authored multiple scientific articles, she remains involved in clinical research, is an active member of the Nutrition Workgroup of the ACC, and serves as medical editor for webMD.