Gary Earl

Former VP, Employee Benefits, Caesar’s Entertainment and Well-Being Ambassador, Anthem
Gary Earl is nationally recognized as a fervent business leader who for nearly four decades has pioneered, inspired, engineered and driven leading-edge health, well-being and productivity strategies, models and programs that have set industry benchmarks for economic and conditional improvement.

His unique and diverse expertise includes extensive knowledge in the disciplines of Wellness and Well-being, Enterprise and Individual Performance, Company and Community Population Health, Health Economics, Behavioral and Emotional Health, Social Dimensions of Health and Business Leadership. Gary is known for his ability to continuously produce results and exceed goals that encompass organizational imperatives through innovation, education, engagement, collaboration and inspiration.

Gary is a frequent conference leader and speaker, organizational facilitator, company strategist, transformation investor and community advocate whose dedication and distribution of professional experience, industry knowledge and energy has continually served a perpetual effort aimed at contributing to improving our nations’ health, well-being and financial security, in order to create positive, profitable and sustainable change that will address some of our times most difficult problems.