Greg Poulin

Co-founder and CEO, Goodly
Gregory Poulin
Gregory Poulin is the co-founder and CEO of Goodly, a leading provider of student loan and college savings employee benefits. Based in San Francisco, Goodly's platform is the first to allow employers to make monthly payments, integrated with their payroll, directly to employees’ student debt. Greg founded Goodly after struggling with more than 80K in student loan debt after graduating from college and has since become an expert in navigating our nation’s student loan system.

Before Goodly, Greg oversaw growth at Rippling, a startup that transforms the way companies manage their HR & IT. In addition to working for technology companies, Greg served in the Obama administration at the White House Office of Science and Technology where he worked on the first-ever White House Demo Day.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Greg has been featured in Bloomberg, Time, and US News and World Report.