Jaclyn Wainwright

CEO, AiRCare Health
Jaclyn Wainwright is an international behavioral health expert, and the CEO of AiRCare Health, a next-generation behavioral healthcare company. She is challenging the status quo over how our system is failing to provide effective treatment for mental health disorders. AiR Healthcare’s unique approach combines both the heart of clinical care management and the science of AI & machine learning to transform the health of large populations. Jaclyn’s work has the potential to help eliminate the burden of chronic diseases, and revolutionize the health and happiness of individuals, families and entire communities.

She is a featured speaker on how technology is improving patient outcomes for behavioral health disorders and is the co-author of several groundbreaking studies on long-term substance use disorder treatment.

Over the past five years she has thoughtfully led AiRCare Health to success in a new marketplace, building and delivering clinical programming that results in dramatically better long-term health outcomes and significantly lower costs for employers and health plans. She has built strategic partnerships with providers, brokers, and data scientists and serves as a behavioral health subject matter expert for Microsoft’s Global Industry Leaders Program.