Josh Hilgers

Enterprise Sales Director, Quotit Corporation
Josh Hilgers
Josh Hilgers is the Director of Enterprise Sales at Quotit and Director of Strategy a National General Companies. In that role, he connects brokers to the products, technology, enrollment services and strategies that brokers need to meet their clients’ insurance needs, all with an eye toward creating greater profits.

He is also one of the nation’s foremost experts in private health insurance exchanges and the tax and legal structures of group and individual benefit plans. In the vanguard of consumer-driven healthcare, his pioneering work illustrating the major financial advantages of defined contribution, for both employers and employees, has positioned him as a thought leader in the industry.

A gifted speaker, Josh makes the issue of healthcare reform intelligible, informative and exciting for a diverse audience, including those in the insurance space, employers and employees, journalists and more.

He is also a frequent writer with featured articles and reviews appearing in outlets such as Employee Benefits Advisors, CDHC Solutions, Health News Digest, Benefits Selling Magazine, among others. As a radio guest, Josh also brings his customary insight—and eloquence—to bear, with guest appearances on “The Lee Davis Show,” “Entrepreneur Network Radio” and “The Michael Hart Show.”

His other accomplishments include:

· Creator of the first national, broker-friendly private exchange with 600+ successful implementations

· League of Leaders of the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism inductee

· Recipient of Innovator Award for contributions to consumer directed health care

· Responsible for the training of over 10,000 insurance professionals, financial advisors and benefits experts in the last 8 years alone