Post-SCOTUS decision, advisers must focus on client impact

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It’s business as usual — the new usual. We’ve been waiting for decision after decision in the hopes that there will substantial changes to the law so we can get back to business as usual — and by usual in this case, I mean the way it was prior to Affordable Care Act. And once again, that’s not happening. Chances of the industry ever being the way it was prior to the ACA are nonexistent, which we should all hail as a good thing. We’ve needed a non-negotiable motivator to get the industry to move, change its ways, and find new, different and better ways to work with clients and deliver value.

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Did we want the ACA as the motivator for that change? No more than we want tech companies coming in and lapping up clients. But the reality is that things change, and if we sit around in hopes that we can stay the same while everything else around us changes is akin to the old lady who refuses to sell her house and the shopping mall builds up around her, continuing with their own progress regardless of her. Clients aren’t looking to help you remain relevant. They’re looking for you to help them remain relevant.

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Take this time to go out to your clients and update them on the new ruling — tell them what it means to them and what their future plans need to entail moving forward. Set a plan with each client for how you’re going to be working together to ensure they remain relevant to their employees and clients. At the same time, this is also ensuring your own relevancy with them as a strategic partner.

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