White paper: 8 characteristics of an effective workforce health strategy

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Strategies and best practices to help you manage the health and well-being of your workforce

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We know the health of your workforce is a top priority. After all, the cost of an unhealthy workforce is significant, with chronic conditions and unhealthy behaviors costing U.S. employers $36.4 billion a year.1 Luckily, employers have an opportunity to manage health care spend by proactively and holistically addressing workforce health versus a traditional health care approach that typically focuses on treating existing conditions. Employers can shift health care spend away from hospital and emergency department costs and invest more in preventive care programs and employee engagement.

Self-insured employers can gain insights into the health demographics of their workforce through data that provides insight on at-risk groups. This actionable data and insight can help determine which strategies to implement, like types of incentive programs to offer and whether to provide care via on-site health centers or virtual channels.
Read how in this white paper.


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