Annual Enrollment 2021: Benefits planning in an uncertain world, Part 2

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As communities and organizations work on their phased return toward business as usual, HR leaders still face many uncertainties. What will my medical and Rx spends look like next year? What supplemental products will employees expect? What’s the next compliance curveball?

One thing is still certain: annual enrollment is coming, ready or not.

The first installment of this special two-part webinar series answered a few—but not all—of employers’ top concerns as they prepare for the upcoming plan year. Join us for part two to learn about:

  • Evolving employee expectations around benefits communications
  • Tips for decision support during a potentially stressful annual enrollment season
  • Guidance for a rapidly changing compliance landscape

If you missed part one, check out the recorded presentation and slide deck here.

Key Speakers
  • Kimberly McCracken
    VP of Employee Benefits & Payroll at BBVA
  • Jason Krause
    SVP of Voluntary Benefits & Enrollment Solutions at Aon
  • Mike Shepherd
    Mike Shepherd, AVP of Studio B
  • Bruce Gillis
    Compliance Lead at Businessolver
  • Bridget Bingamen
    VP of Transformation & Operations Excellence at Businessolver