Employee privacy and data security: protecting today's workforce in the new normal

45 Minutes
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Over the last few months there has been a significant rise in cyber scams and identity theft as cybercriminals exploit the COVID-19 pandemic. As employers have shifted their workforce to work from home and schools go virtual, employees and their families are spending more time online than ever before, working on unsecured networks and sharing devices. Now, more than ever, employees’ personal information and data are at risk of exposure to theft – which can have a negative impact on their employer’s business.

During this passion driven webinar, CEO of IDSeal, Eran Sinai, and Mike Bruemmer, Experian VP, Global Data Breach and Consumer Protection, will discuss the new threats to today’s workforce and how employers can help employees respond.
Whether you are a broker or a HR manager, you will learn:

  • The new ways that cyberthieves are targeting employees
  • How data is used to commit identity theft and the risks involved
  • What steps employees and businesses can take to protect themselves and the tools they can use
  • How identity protection and personal security is a modern employee benefit you can include in your benefits offering

Employee productivity
Key Speakers
  • Mike Bruemmer
    Experian VP, Global Data Breach and Consumer Protection
  • Eran Sinai
    Eran Sinai
    CEO, IDSeal
  • Elliott Kass use
    Elliot M. Kass
    Editor-at-Large, Information Management