Improving employee well-being and mental health in the time of COVID-19: The employer opportunity to drive change

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As Americans shelter in place to protect their physical health from the coronavirus, their mental health and well-being are suffering. The COVID-19 crisis has brought deep uncertainty about life, along with widespread anxiety, stress, grief, fear and depression, straining an already profoundly broken behavioral healthcare system.

It also has brought a unique opportunity for employers. The COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity for employers to challenge the status quo of our fragmented healthcare system and drive new ways to help people get the care they need for improved mental health and emotional well-being.

Please join Accolade Chief Medical Officer Shantanu Nundy, MD, and Well Being Trust Chief Strategy Officer Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD, for a discussion about the state of mental and behavioral health in our country, how COVID-19 is making it worse, and what employers can do to drive positive change now for employees, their families, and society overall.

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Key Speakers
  • Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD
    Benjamin F. Miller, PsyD
    Chief Strategy Officer, Well Being Trust
  • MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Accolade
    April 2
  • Lynn Gresham
    Lynn Gresham
    Former Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News
    August 9