Is your 401(k) loan program getting in the way of financial wellness?

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Financial wellness is a top priority for many organizations. However, until recently, many employers haven’t recognized the connection between financial wellness and 401(k) loans. According to Deloitte, leakage from loan defaults is expected to exceed $2 trillion over 10 years, representing approximately $300,000 in lost retirement security to the average employee.

In this webcast, you'll hear from industry experts on how loan leakage threatens financial wellness, and creates unnecessary fiduciary exposure for plan sponsors. Specifically, you will learn:

  • What’s working, what’s not, and the importance of making an impact that can actually be measured
  • How a focus on loan leakage complements financial wellness programs in other areas (e.g., student loan debt) to maximize overall impact
  • Where to find free tools & resources to help you make 401(k) loan leakage a part of your financial wellness strategy

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Key Speakers
  • George L. White
    George L. White
    EVP, Chief Operations Officer, Custodia Financial
  • Karen Daugherty
    Karen Daugherty
    Client Service Manager, Custodia Financial
  • Lorna Mackey
    Lorna Mackey
    President, Mackey Communication Group (moderator)