Preparing for a COVID-19 Open Enrollment: Tips for remotely engaging your workforce (if you have to)

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What COVID-19 has in store for the rest of 2020 is unclear. But a return to sheltering-in-place this fall (right in the middle of open enrollment season) is a distinct possibility. And if your HR team isn’t prepared to meet the moment, both your employees--and your bottom line--could take a big hit.

In this presentation, benefits communication expert Mark Rader and Jellyvision HR Manager Hibben Rothschild will show you how to create a uniquely helpful and timely open enrollment communication strategy that explains:

  • How to re-brand open enrollment as a COVID-era financial checkup
  • What 7 benefits messages to emphasize this year—and how to craft them
  • 11 digital ways to grab employee eyeballs--and drive action
  • How to relay “benefits bad news” empathetically, embrace the chaos--and more

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