For any organization, people are the engine of prosperity. To drive growth, they must be engaged and energized. Instead, more and more of them are distracted. And it’s no wonder why:

  • Nearly two-thirds of American workers live paycheck to paycheck1
  • 44% say they worry about their finances while at work2
  • More than half of U.S. households have less than $10,000 saved for retirement3

When workers have access to individual guidance and solutions from a trusted partner and worry less about money, they’re less stressed and less distracted on the job… they’re more engaged at work and at home… Prudential calls this positive ripple The Wellness Effect™.

Join Prudential thought leaders Anne Thibeault and Vishal Jain to hear insights about how companies can:

  • Discover the true financial wellness needs of their employee base.
  • Design a plan that meets these challenges head on.
  • Inspire employees to take action to get on the path to financial wellness.

Experience the power of The Wellness Effect, and reap its benefits, that can include:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower turnover
  • Improved employee satisfaction

1 American Payroll Association, Getting Paid in America Survey, 2016.
2 Prudential, “How well protected are employees against key financial risks?” 2016
3 GoBankingRates survey, 2016

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Key Speakers

Anne Thibeault
Vice President, Product Management, Prudential
Vishal Jain
VP of Strategy and Financial Wellness, Prudential
Lynn Gresham
Freelance Writer and Editor