Ally Cahill

When you hear Ally graduated from MIT, you might suspect she is a data analyst. And really, she is.However, she sees data as people, which is why she’s leading content strategy for Collections at Capital One. After all, missing a payment (or multiple) can be one of the most emotional touch points in many customers' lives, and she's making those digital interactions more human.She’s also been known to call frustrated customers directly just to listen to them; she truly wants to improve the lives of customers with every fiber of her being. So much that she joined the content strategy team as its first employee -- speaking the same language as customers is THAT important to her.This couldn’t be more perfect for Ally, whose background is incredibly diverse -- she’s been a high-level figure skater (training with Olympic champions); an intern for The View (ask her about Barbara Walters sometime); an analyst on Wall Street; and Product Manager at Bundle (which, through an acquisition, is how she joined Capital One).And fair warning: She also carries a #selfie stick with her at all times.