Greg Hoglund

Greg Hoglund is the research engineer for new product development for Tripwire Security Systems Inc. During the past several years, Hoglund has written many security-related software applications, both commercial and freeware including Asmodeus in 1996. It was one of the first security scanners for the Microsoft Windows NT platform. Hoglund later enhanced the product and it became the WebTrends Security Analyzer in 1998. He is an active member of the security community, with particular expertise writing embedded systems assembly for the U.S. Department of Energy, tracing network intrusions in real time, development forensics technologies and developing technologies that address new exploits. He is a frequent speaker at forums such as BlackHat and SANS and has authored numerous articles and white papers, including "Content-based Attacks," "The E- Commerce Weak Link," and "A Thousand Hackers in a Bos: The problems with Modern Security Scanners."