Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik is a futurist, entrepreneur and software engineer. Jeff is co-founder and CEO of Bloq. Jeff serveson the board of Coin Center, and the advisory board of BitFury, BitPay,, Netki and WayPaverLabs. Jeff has delivered presentations on bitcoin and blockchain at TEDx, State of Digital Money, manybitcoin conferences, as well as private briefings to corporations, governments, central banks, and hedgefunds.Jeff has a long history of early technology adoption. After helping to inaugurate on the Internet inthe early 1990s, he worked for a succession of Internet startups and service providers. At the same time, heworked continuously on open source software engineering projects for over two decades.Involvement in one of the best known open source projects - the Linux kernel - led to an extended tenure atLinux leader Red Hat during open source's most formative years. Jeff's work is found in every Android phoneand data center Linux installation today.In July 2010, Jeff stumbled across a post describing bitcoin. Immediately recognizing the potential of aconcept previously thought impossible -- decentralized digital money, he did what came naturally: developedbitcoin open source software. That gave rise to the start of micro-businesses with bitcoin at their foundation.Almost by accident, Jeff found himself at the heart of the global, revolutionary, technology phenomenonknown as bitcoin.Bitcoin and blockchain served as a springboard for many new ideas and ventures, including sending objectsinto outer space.