Richard Egleston

  • Bringing coverage to life

    September marks the observance of Life Insurance Awareness Month, coordinated by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation and supported by more than 100 of the nation's leading insurance companies and industry groups, to shine a spotlight on the growing crisis of too many Americans not having adequate life insurance protection. According to the industry research group LIMRA, 30% of U.S. households have no life insurance whatsoever. Today, there are 11 million fewer American households covered by life insurance compared with six years ago. The bottom line: A majority of families either have no life insurance or not enough, leaving them one accident or terminal illness away from a financial catastrophe for their loved ones. Help educate your employees this month on the value of this important benefit. Learn more at
  • Why employee engagement?

    It's like taking gourmet cooking lessons, but continuing to eat at drive-throughs. It's like buying a highly praised book and leaving it on the shelf. In a similar fashion, your clients' wellness programs might not reach their potential if they are unable to engage employees and change behavior.