Richard Senechal

As CEO of DUCA CU since 2012, Richard brings both a broad base of experience from the multiple stakeholder viewpoints with the practical insight and urgency forged by serial entrepreneurship. Richard is a business builder fuelled on strategic vision, assembling leadership, and designing simplified processes.Strategic Leadership: Director at DUCA for 30 years [1982-2012] serving as Board Chair and at all governance positions including: Executive, Credit, and Audit. Operational ownership of small and medium-sized businesses serviced by both banks and CUs has crystalized and fuelled Richard�s passion for a competitive, differentiated customer/Member Experience in both the commercial and personal markets.He has empowered a team of champions, all committed to �make a difference�, who have re-branded DUCA with leading product offerings, value, and friction-free banking while making authentic community social impacts. We live Fair Trade Banking�.Co-founding ZenBanx in Canada demonstrates that transformative change can be achieved through strategic partnerships and swift implementation of multiple new market or technology initiatives resulting in significant industry-leading growth, operating efficiencies and higher profit capacities.Richard owns a life-long �Why not� attitude honed through studies in both Finance & Marketing (Ivey, HBA 77), (Schulich MBA 82) and effervescently maintained as the parent of his 5 year old grandson.