Ron Leopold

  • Think connectivity

    I use LinkedIn. A lot. In fact, I suspect I'm connected to many of the readers of this magazine. I use it to stay on top of what colleagues are doing. Who is working for a new company. Who has gone out on their own. Who is posting something I'm interested in. I also post on LinkedIn a lot. Usually an article that I think has general appeal among my connections. Something on health reform, a new study on employee benefits, maybe the latest on digital health. The things I post usually come from various news feeds that I follow daily. And every post I make to LinkedIn also posts on my Twitter account.
  • PPACA's silver lining

    With health reform there's a real opportunity for brokers and consultants to truly add value to their client services. It allows them to go above and beyond just the tactical nature of health plans and step up the strategic level of advice and guidance.