Tony Sabetti

Tony Sabetti is product manager, mobile/NFC technologies for CPI Card Group. With over 25 years of experience launching secure identification and mobile solutions, Sabetti is responsible for the product management and business development of CPI’s mobile/NFC solution, delivering secure digital credentials to mobile devices for Near Field Communications (NFC) payments and identification.In previous positions, Sabetti led development and deployment of mobile commerce platforms, which integrated payments, loyalty and offers in a single NFC tap at over 100,000 merchant locations across the United States. He has also worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing, in which he secured designs of NFC chipsets and secure elements into mobile phones; secured chips for EMV bank cards, ePassports, and government ID cards; and developed and implemented the first two large-scale contactless payment solutions in the world.Sabetti has been an active member of the Smart Card Alliance (SCA) for the past 7 years and was listed on their 2015 Honor Roll. He is currently serving as secretary on the SCA Mobile & NFC Council.