COVID-19: Transforming healthcare with navigation & telemedicine

60 Minutes
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The COVID-19 outbreak has upended the US healthcare system as we know it. Confusion and stress have skyrocketed among members as workplace guidelines and healthcare norms change rapidly. Access to traditional providers and specialists is limited by office closures, crowded hospitals, and minimal capacity through existing telemedicine options. Prioritization of COVID-related care means that preventative care and elective surgeries are quickly getting deferred.

Whether you’re an HR or Benefits Manager, you’re looking for ways to keep up and plan ahead. You’re fielding questions you’ve never had to before and trying to do what’s best for your members. Business continuity is at stake, yet information changes so quickly that delivering a crisis response strategy is a challenge. In this webinar, you will:

  • Discover the trends highlighting the need for an urgent healthcare transformation.
  • Understand the benefits of virtual care both during and after a crisis.
  • Learn about the future of healthcare navigation and telemedicine at Grand Rounds.
  • Hear how Salesforce is addressing the transformation head-on and using innovative services to support their members and HR teams.

Now is the time for clinically-oriented businesses to go above and beyond to help flatten the impact of the virus and set their workforces up for success post-COVID-19. Join Grand Rounds Co-Founder & CEO, Owen Tripp, and Salesforce Director of North America Benefits, Gina Hanrahan, to better understand our current reality and how your teams can prepare for the future.

Key Speakers
  • Owen Tripp is co-founder and CEO of Grand Rounds, a healthcare company that connects patients with local and remote specialty care.
    February 13
  • Director, North America Benefits, Salesforce
    April 6