Stand out with a strategy for mental health

60 Minutes
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Several months ago, mental health in the workplace was an important topic. Events over the last several months have made it critical. Now, more than ever, is the moment to discuss and understand how mental health issues can manifest, how they affect employees and their impact on employers. It’s an issue that every broker, employer and HR department needs to be ready to address.

From stress, to mental illness, to substance abuse, mental health issues are, first and foremost, a serious concern for employees’ well-being. On top of that, these are challenges that cost employers millions of dollars every year in lost productivity. With those in mind, this webinar will take a look at:

- The different ways employees can experience mental health issues
- The devastating effects of mental health on an employee
- The growing impact of mental health issues on employers
- How to build a healthier, more resilient workforce by addressing mental health in the workplace
- Tools to support employees’ mental health even when they’re not at work

Key Speakers
  • December 3
  • Medical Director and Second Vice President, Long-Term Care and Disability, Trustmark Voluntary Benefits
    April 22
  • Senior Director of Product, HealthFitness
    April 22
  • Regional Sales Manager, South Central & Gulf Coast Regions, Trustmark
    May 19