Helping professional women kick imposter syndrome during quarantine

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Shattering the glass ceiling was stressful enough before quarantine, but executive coaching benefits can empower women to achieve their professional goals.

A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation says women are 16% more likely to be stressed out by the health and economic consequences of coronavirus than men. But two out of three women say having access to executive coaching benefits helps reduce their stress, while boosting confidence, according to a study by Tone Networks — a digital executive coaching platform for women.

“It’s a very challenging time for women right now; many are isolated and alone working from home, and others are having to care for and educate their children at the same time — they’re working a double-double shift,” says Gemma Toner, CEO of Tone Networks. “Now, more than ever, women need to feel like they’re not alone, and it’s important to have a supportive community and environment. Lowering stress goes hand in hand with advancing professionally and becoming more confident and successful at work.”

Toner spoke in a recent interview about how her platform helps professional women combat imposter syndrome and advocate for each other’s advancement from the couch, kitchen table — or wherever else women are working during quarantine.

How can women benefit from executive coaching programs?

Women are not getting promoted as much as men, so it’s really important that we support each other’s advancement. Not surprisingly, our research shows that millennial women are the most stressed out in the workplace. I think that’s because these are women who are entry or mid-career; they’re stressed about making it to the next level, and, like all women, they suffer from a bit of imposter syndrome. But most of these millennial women said executive coaching has helped reduce their stress, and that’s not surprising — when you see that a strong, powerful woman has experienced the same insecurities and challenges as you, and conquered them, it gives you confidence that you can take on your professional goals too.

In this current work environment where many Millennial entry-level and mid-stage career women are working from home, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, it’s important for companies to ensure that they’re providing them with right virtual resources to further their growth and development.

How does your platform reach women during quarantine?

Tone is an executive coaching and wellness platform, tech and content company. Executive coaching benefits are usually very expensive, but our service combines uploaded content and digital events to make coaching more accessible. Employers generally pay for a membership that extends to all of their female employees.

Anyone short on time can find a short video where they’re going to learn how to invest in themselves. The content is personalized based on each woman’s interest, and we send notifications to remind women to participate in self-care. We also host our live-stream coaching sessions every other week, where we bring in successful, executive women to talk about how they overcame challenges and advanced in their career. We host these events for all members, but we’re also able to create exclusive events for companies.

Our videos and speakers address topics like: how to be more assertive at work, what to do when your boss is a narcissist, how to go for that promotion — and just being unafraid to ask for more. We also have great content and speakers who address the specific challenges faced by women of color.

How can professional women combat imposter syndrome?

The best thing you can do is look at the stories of women you admire, or aspire to be. Talking about your challenges with one that you work with is even better because you’re also networking. Successful women are conscious of the challenges facing women in the workplace because they went through them; give them the chance to pay it forward and uplift the talented women around them.

Also, when you’re feeling down about yourself, and your abilities, take stock of everything you do in your professional and personal life. You’re taking on a lot, and it’s important to give yourself a breather.

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