Training and qualifications

  1. 1. What type of training or degree do the people taking my employees’ calls have?

  2. 2. Do intake personnel work for the EAP provider or are they outsourced?

  3. 3. Are counselors available 24/7?

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Crisis management

  • 4. What type of assistance is available if we have a critical incident?

  • 5. Does the provider offer counseling and referrals only, or also manager training on how to spot an employee in crisis?

  • 6. Is manager training included in the package or can we pay for it as needed?

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Health and wellness

  • 7. Does the provider offer employees access to a health advocate?

  • 8. Does the EAP offer wellness seminars?

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Industry knowledge

  • 9. Does the EAP have other clients in my industry?

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Account services and reporting

  • 10. Will we have a dedicated account representative whom we can call with questions?

  • 11. Does the EAP provide reporting on a regular basis?

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Hand with open mailbox

  • 12. How can the provider help us in communicating benefits to employees?

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