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The most underrated jobs of 2016
Business Team Investment Entrepreneur Trading Concept
1. Computer analyst.jpg
Computer systems analyst
Scientists working together in lab
2. Sonographer.jpg
Diagnostic medical sonographer
Cheerful ultrasound technician looking at camera during examination
3. Dietician.jpg
Nutritionist Doctor is explaining a diet plan while is holding an apple. Focus in the apple. Soft focus.
4. Environmental engineer.jpg
Environmental engineer
Person on a wind farm with plans
5. Financial analyst.jpg
Financial analyst
accountant working
6. HR manager.jpg
Human resources manager
Shot of professional coworkers shaking hands during a meeting in the office
7. Medical technician.jpg
Medical technologist
Shot of a beautiful woman in a laboratory working with a microscope
8. Physical therapost.jpg
Physical therapist
A female physical therapist evaluating the range of motion of a male patient's shoulder. The patient is sitting in a wheelchair. The therapist is in her early 30's and the patient is in his mid 50's. Photographed in a clinical setting with several pieces of exercise equipment in the background.
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