Slideshow Top 10 causes of disability

  • May 08 2013, 12:01pm EDT
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No. 1 LTD cause: Cancer

“Although cancer remains a significant area of focus for our disability claims professionals,” Tugman says, “we are seeing some dramatic trends in recovery and return to work.” Cancer accounts for 16% of LTD claims.

No. 2 LTD cause: Back disorders

Back problems account for 15.1% of LTD claims. Watch for them to show up again in STD claims. The lesson here: workers need to watch their back.

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No. 3 LTD cause: Injuries

Accounting for 9.8% of LTD claims, injuries are among the most difficult to prevent of any health claims. The more unexpected a health risk, the more important to have secure insurance safety nets in place – perhaps for when literal safety nets fail.

No. 4 LTD cause: Behavioral health issues

Essentially a tie with injuries at 9.8% of LTD claims, behavioral health is often not covered under a traditional health plan. So when a disability arises from it, coverage becomes all the more important.

No. 5 LTD cause: Circulatory system disorders

We all know we should take better care of our hearts, but are employees? Circulatory disorders come in 9% of LTD claims.

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No. 1 STD cause: Maternity

Normal, healthy pregnancies make up 18.9% of Unum’s short-term claims.

No. 2 STD cause: Injuries

Non-back-related injuries make up more than one-in-10 short-term disability claims, or nearly one-in-seven of all STD claims not related to maternity.

No. 3 STD cause: Complications from pregnancy

Pregnancy complications account for 8.4% of STD claims.

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No. 4 STD cause: Digestive disorders

These represent 8% of STD claims, according to Unum's data.

No. 5 STD cause: Back disorders

In addition to 15.1% of LTD claims, back problems make up 7.1% of STD claims.