10 best entry-level jobs

Recent college graduates are hitting the job market and looking for interesting career opportunities.

WalletHub’s newest report pinpoints the 10 best jobs with the highest potential for career growth. The report took stock of the entry-level job market and compared 109 different positions based on 13 metrics in three dimensions: immediate opportunity, growth potential and job hazards.

For immediate opportunity, WalletHub evaluated data like average starting salaries and unemployment rates. Growth potential reviewed metrics like on-the-job training and median tenures with employers. Hazard data measured fatal occupational injuries and the likelihood of working more than 40 hours a week.

Employers in these fields can look for opportunities to strategize benefits packages to help attract and retain the best in the field. Below, you’ll find the 10 top entry level jobs of the year.

Male Architect Studying Plans In Office
10. Architect
Total score: 71.33
Immediate opportunity rank (out of 109): 16
Growth potential rank (out of 109): 8
Job hazards rank (out of 109): 60
9. Industrial engineer
Total score: 71.79
Immediate opportunity rank: 26
Growth potential rank: 23
Job hazards rank: 37
Flu shot nurse
8. Certified nursing assistant
Total score: 72.54
Immediate opportunity rank: 18
Growth potential rank: 48
Job hazards rank: 29
Engineer in the factory
7. Electronics engineer
Total score: 74.03
Immediate opportunity rank: 25
Growth potential rank: 18
Job hazards rank: 14
8. Environmental Engineer.jpg
A royalty free image from the energy industry of two engineers at a wind farm.
6. Environment, health and safety engineer
Total score: 74.29
Immediate opportunity rank: 20
Growth potential rank: 15
Job hazards rank: 37
7. Web developer.jpg
Young computer programmer working at his desk at a startup company
5. Web applications developer
Total score: 74.52
Immediate opportunity rank: 19
Growth potential rank: 28
Job hazards rank: 20
4. Hardware engineer
Total score: 75.44
Immediate opportunity rank: 14
Growth potential rank: 35
Job hazards rank: 37
3. Electrical engineer
Total score: 78.40
Immediate opportunity rank: 9
Growth potential rank: 32
Job hazards rank: 14
2. Engineer
Total score: 78.76
Immediate opportunity rank: 5
Growth potential rank: 16
Job hazards rank: 37
1. Systems engineer
Total score: 78.90
Immediate opportunity rank: 2
Growth potential rank: 23
Job hazards rank: 37