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6 factors that will propel the use of telehealth
A new report from Chilmark Research examines a largely untapped market in the telemedicine field—the use of telehealth outside of the hospital. The researchers say there will be increased interest in cases in which patients are not being cared for directly but are participating in their care through passive monitoring or active engagement with their care team.

As providers seek telehealth partners, Brian Eastwood, an analyst at Chilmark, assesses the challenges that telehealth vendors face. “Vendors should prepare to support value-based care as payers continue to transition away from fee-for-service and look to telehealth as a way to provide low-cost access to convenient care with the potential to improve both clinical and financial outcomes,” he advises. Consequently, Eastwood offers six areas of functionality that are essential to best serve providers and insurers.
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Adapt to the smart home
In the next decade, sensors, smart speakers and voice-activated virtual assistants will transform how people initiate interactions with healthcare stakeholders.
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Evolve to support value-based care
Telehealth must increasingly support use cases that align with providers’ emerging value-based care needs, not just their financial imperatives to add patients and increase revenue.
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Consider overlooked care venues
Long-term post-acute care sites, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes are open to telehealth as a way to curb costs and improve outcomes without adding clinical staff.
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Expect fierce competition
Telehealth vendors will compete with each other—and with urgent care, retail clinics, kiosks and hospitals that all want to become the new front door to care.
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Focus on platforms
Enterprise stakeholders are losing interest in point solutions, especially as they seek to implement telehealth across business lines and cohort populations.
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Anticipate large-scale changes
Telehealth adoption forces stakeholders, especially providers, into new workflows and not just clinical but operational across service lines. This will change the way that organizations do business. The full report from Chilmark is available for purchase here.
This article originally appeared in Health Data Management.