LinkedIn’s ‘How You Match’ feature speeds up time-to-hire

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LinkedIn may make life easier for HR managers with its new How You Match service, which lets job posters quickly see how well applicants fit a given job posting in broad categories such as experience, skills and location.

The service uses AI to scan a user’s LinkedIn profile to determine how they well they fit with a new job posting — and, when applicable, allows the job seeker to update their profile to better suit the job posting.

“Our research shows that candidates are often not sure what are the absolute must-have qualifications in order to apply, and sometimes this turns great prospects away from your jobs,” the company says in a blog post.

Employers also can use the technology to easily sort candidates, LinkedIn says of the new service.

“Enabling candidates to self-select based on real-time analysis of their fit means that recruiters will see a stronger set of applicants. But even better, this same matching technology is also available in your LinkedIn job management page to make it easier for you to review candidates — without having to click and read through every profile and resume to find out more,” reads the LinkedIn How You Match site.

LinkedIn did not reply to requests for an interview.

With a job posting on LinkedIn, the How You Match service reveals a list of attributes that show how strong a match a job seeker is for the job. On the right-hand side of the user’s screen, How You Match offers at-a-glance information on how well the applicant fits the job in such categories as job function, relevant experience, location, education level and skills.

On the employer side, the service lets job posters see the same at-a-glance information for each applicant by simply hovering over a button on the applicant list, eliminating the need to click into each individual applicant’s profile.

“This feature allows you to quickly analyze how good a fit each candidate is, which helps save you time — especially for high-volume job postings,” according to LinkedIn. “How You Match criteria is automatically pulled from each job description, so you don’t have to worry about creating this checklist yourself. The criteria you see is identical to what the candidate sees, helping keep everyone on the same page.”

Using AI or machine learning is not new to the job seeking market.

Ride-sharing service Uber has been using AI to interview and vet the coding skills of software engineers since last year.

LinkedIn will unveil a recruiter-focused version of How you Match in the next few months as a free upgrade for its “Job Slots” job-listing offering, according to a company posting dated May 2, 2018.

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