POTUS reform proposal: Rip it or rave it

POTUS reform proposal: Rip it or rave it

Short post today, because I’m working full-steam ahead to bring you a whiz-bang April EBN. (Small trade pub trade secret: We work as many as 12 weeks in advance of publication. So send me your ideas now for EBN May!)

In addition to my work on EBN April, I’m also prepping to cover Thursday’s much-hyped bipartisan White House summit on health care reform. Is it me, or didn’t we do this already? Just wondering if I’m the only one with déjà vu.

Anyway, the White House released this morning the president’s priorities for a final health care bill. It looks a lot like the Senate version, to my eyes, but let me know what you think.

What do you think of President Obama’s proposals: Would you rip them to shreds or rave about them from shore to shore? Or, somewhere in between? Will Thursday’s summit change anything – decrease public dissatisfaction, increase bipartisanship … actually produce a bill that can get passed and signed?

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