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A conventional job search can be long, difficult and frustrating. In unconventional economic times, conventional thinking may actually be limiting all of the doors that could be opening. Goldman McCormick Public Relations, a New York-based media relations agency, offers advice on adopting a new approach to the process.
1) Make a connection with upper management.jpg
1) Make a connection with upper management
In this economy, HR departments are already inundated with more resumes than they can handle. Instead, try sending your resume and a personalized cover letter directly to the CEO. The most important thing is to make a direct connection with upper management.
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2) Stop sending Word resumes as a file attachment
Word documents can sometimes get caught in email spam filters. You're better off pasting your resume in the base of the email so it can be read from a smartphone.
3) Cover letters should be brief (two short paragraphs at most) and personalized..jpg
3) Make cover letters brief (two short paragraphs at most) and personalized
Be specific in the cover letter. Tell the company what you'd like to do for them and what exactly you offer. The more detailed you are, the more you'll stand out. If it takes you more time to crank out letters, so be it. Generic cover letters are never read and quickly discarded.
4) Create an online resume through WordPress..jpg
4) Create an online resume through WordPress
It's free, and it will make you stand out from thousands of other job seekers. Your online resumes should have these tabs: home, resume, testimonials and contact. Some people are very visual, and when you show that you're much more than just words on a resume you open possibility of connecting with them on many other levels. A web resume is also fantastic because you can easily paste the link in a brief cover letter.
5) During the interview bring your enthusiasm and ideas.jpg
5) Bring your enthusiasm and ideas to the interview
Research the company, know their vision and offer ideas and ways on how you can bring value to them. Have the mindset that you're not just a person applying for a job vacancy but, that you are a rich asset that the company should — and needs to — acquire.
6) Write a hand written thank you card after the interview..jpg
6) Write a handwritten thank you card after the interview.
It's a nice touch and will make you stand out, as people rarely do this.
7) Don't ever friend the boss on Facebook pre-employment & after you get hired.jpg
7) Don't ever ‘friend’ the boss on Facebook pre-employment (or after you get hired)
Yes we mentioned making a personal connection with the CEO earlier. However, keep Facebook out of it. If you choose to ‘friend’ your boss, you're giving them access to elements of your personal life and they may choose to not to hire you or promote you (after hiring you) based on this. Never give your boss the opportunity to judge you for anything beyond how well you do your job.
8) Don’t take it personally if a company doesn't hire you.jpg
8) Don’t take it personally if a company doesn't hire you
Brush it off and move on. If, during the interview, you presented yourself honestly and gave them every reason in the world why hiring you would be a great decision, there's little else you could do. Feel good that you got the interview and learn from the experience.
9) Read books and self-educate.jpg
9) Read books and self-educate
Read as many books as you can about the industry and continue to self-educate even when the phone isn't ringing for job interviews. By doing this, you are not only preparing yourself to hit the ground running in your next job, but also you are training your mind to not accept limits or a career ceiling.
10) Go into business for yourself.jpg
10) Go into business for yourself
If you know you have amazing skills, a strong work ethic and the ability to provide excellent service, you should consider starting your own business. In the U.S., small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. Starting your own business puts you in total control of your career destiny and earning capacity.