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25 best-paying jobs in the U.S.
As salary continues to be a major driver in attraction and retention efforts for employers, keeping up to date with current market values is essential. Glassdoor, the jobs and salary website, released its third annual list of the best-paying jobs in the U.S., offering employers insight into present market values.

Tech jobs make up 11 of the professions on the list, more than any other industry, followed by the healthcare sector at six. “With nearly half the list comprised of jobs in the tech and healthcare industries, this report reinforces that higher salaries are found in America’s fastest job-creating sectors, which require higher education and in-demand skill sets,” says Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. “However, while pay is one of the leading factors job seekers consider when determining where to work, our research shows that salary isn’t necessarily tied to long-term job satisfaction.”

The list was created based on salary reports shared by employees with Glassdoor over the past year.