5 employee scheduling tool providers to know

Employee scheduling software automates the process of creating and maintaining work schedules. The tools streamline a number of tasks from shift scheduling to timeclock and attendance management — easing the workload of many HR professionals. These following companies have software that has caught the eyes of EBN editors and are presented in alphabetical order.
1. Homebase.PNG


Homebase allows employees to update availability and request shift trades among one another — which would then need to be approved by HR. The software allows managers to view schedules by role, time period or employee ID.
2. Shiftboard.PNG


Shiftboard allows employers to auto-fill shifts based on worker availability and sends automatic notifications to alert employees of schedule and shift changes. Within the platform, available on both mobile and desktop, managers can notify staff directly for any last-minute updates.
3. TSheets.PNG


TSheets’ notification system alerts employees whenever a shift they’re on is changed, added, dropped or about to begin. Alerts also notify managers when employees haven’t clocked in for a scheduled shift. TSheet’s mobile platform also allows employers to use cellphone GPS to track the nearest workers if an emergency occurs.
4. Whentowork.PNG


Whentowork lets employers create varied or repeating employee schedules each week. Employees can use the product to view published schedules and choose shifts they’d like to work. The online tool can be accessed from any computer or mobile device without need to install software.
5. WhenIwork.PNG


Employers can use the WhenIWork software to quickly find replacements on the go if an employee calls in sick. The mobile application allows mangers to create and edit schedules on the fly to accommodate and unplanned disruptions.