Slideshow Most prized summer benefits

  • June 12 2012, 10:05am EDT
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1. Flexible schedules.

The most desired perk for 41% of surveyed workers. Employees want added flexibility in their summer schedules to spend more time with family and friends. Many employees already enjoy this benefit, as 75% of HR managers reported offering flexible scheduling at their company.

2. Leaving early on Fridays.

Employees want more time off to enjoy the long summer days. In the poll, 28% of employees would like to head home early for the weekend and 63% of employers offer this perk.

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3. Activities such as a company picnic or potluck.

These bonding events with coworkers were desired most by 11% of employees and 28% of companies celebrate summer with an employee picnic or potluck.

4. More relaxed dress code.

Even though only 5% of workers named casual dress as their top benefit pick, over half of employers (57%) permit employees to dress down in the summer.

5. What's your favorite summer perk?

Share your company's best benefit for summer (or one from your personal wish list) with your HR/benefits peers on our LinkedIn group.