The 10 hottest jobs of 2018
While the tech industry has been taking a hit in the stock market in recent months, careers in that industry are still looking bright ahead, according to a report out from cost information website How Much.

Data scientist and machine learning engineer top the site’s new ranking of the 10 best jobs in the U.S.

Using data from jobs website Indeed, How Much looked at two primary factors: base salaries and high-growth potential. To make the list, the minimum base salary had to be at least $75,000 (above the national average of $47,000), and job opportunities had to be plentiful and easy to get into (professions like astronaut or professional athlete weren’t eligible).

According to How Much, here are the top 10 jobs of 2018.
7 Pharmacist.jpg
10. Staff pharmacist
Base salary: $107, 584
Job growth: 42%
4. Retail sales.jpg
9. Head of sales
Base salary: $108,788
Job growth: 42%
7. Web developer.jpg
8. Full stack developer
(a developer specialized in everything from front-end to back-end)
Base salary: $111,640
Job growth: 198%
3. Budgets.jpg
7. Chief estimator
Base salary: $116,848
Job growth: 101%
4. Software Development Manager
6. Agile coach
(someone responsible for the strategic application of agile software methods within the organization)
Base salary: $120,142
Job growth: 80%
3. Software engineer.jpg
5. Development operations engineer
Base salary: $127,714
Job growth: 91%
19. Research engineer.jpg
4. Computer vision engineer
Base salary: $131,297
Job growth: 169%
3. Optometrist
Base salary: $131,692
Job growth: 118%
26. Data scientist.jpg
2. Data scientist
Base salary: $132,915
Job growth: 106%
20. DevOps engineer.jpg
1. Machine learning engineer
Base salary: $136,241
Job growth: 166%