The 10 hottest jobs of 2018
7 Pharmacist.jpg
10. Staff pharmacist
4. Retail sales.jpg
9. Head of sales
7. Web developer.jpg
8. Full stack developer
Young computer programmer working at his desk at a startup company
3. Budgets.jpg
7. Chief estimator
Woman typing on laptop near bills and calculator
4. Software Development Manager
6. Agile coach
3. Software engineer.jpg
5. Development operations engineer
Five young people running their coding startup company. Working from the house like business incubator. Sitting and collaborating. Using their laptops for coding. Selective focus to young man with glasses talking to his coworker. Shot with Canon EOS 5Ds.
19. Research engineer.jpg
4. Computer vision engineer
QC inspector engineer
3. Optometrist
26. Data scientist.jpg
2. Data scientist
Mid adult male scientist reading scientific data in a laboratory.
20. DevOps engineer.jpg
1. Machine learning engineer
Female engineer working on a computer in the office.