Top 10 most boring jobs
A young businessman surrounded by moving boxes celebrating while using a laptop
9. IT Manager
10. IT
18. Marketing analyst.jpg
9. Marketing & communications
Woman working at the office on her computer and looking at the camera smiling
4. Retail sales.jpg
8. Sales
20. DevOps engineer.jpg
7. Engineering
Female engineer working on a computer in the office.
6. Financial services & banking
An adult man bank customer making a financial transaction with a bank teller over the counter in a retail bank. The woman Asian bank teller is smiling and cheerfully providing the customer service. Photographed behind the shoulder of the customer in a horizontal format.
5. Consulting & accounting
Cropped image of businessman checking invoice with magnifying glass at desk
3. Budgets.jpg
4. Finance control
Woman typing on laptop near bills and calculator
6. Recruiting manager.jpg
3. Support functions
Young confident businesswoman shakes the hand of her potential new employer at her interview
6. HR manager.jpg
2. Project management
Shot of professional coworkers shaking hands during a meeting in the office
2. Lawyer
1. Legal jobs