Slideshow Top 5 medical tourism destinations

  • November 09 2011, 9:31am EST
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Australia tops Rupak’s list because it’s an easy sell for employers. Some employees have an aversion to certain parts of the world but Australia is “usually a place people want to go and it’s an easier sell,” he says. Common procedures include orthopedic (hip, knee, spine) surgeries and cardiac care.


Singapore is a very clean and modern country with “phenomenal” health care, says Rupak. It’s an English-speaking country that “can handle very complex cases, mostly internal organ-related cases,” he says, such as pancreatic surgeries and liver and kidney resections.

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Panama boasts a Johns Hopkins hospital. Orthopedic surgeries tend to be the most common procedures performed in this Central American country.


Colombia ranks among the top three countries in health care delivery according to the World Health Organization, says Rupak. As in neighboring Panama, employees most often travel to Colombia for orthopedic surgeries.


Employers might not think of Mexico for medical care but for those companies with a large Spanish-speaking population Mexico is ideal. Common procedures performed here include hip, knee and spinal surgeries, as well as dental work.