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What is Medicaid migration and how does it apply to brokers?

Posted June 25, 2014 by Ben Geyerhahn at 09:30AM. Comments (2)

Businesses face tough health insurance choices in 2015, and that means a brokerís job is getting even more difficult. The Affordable Care Actís individual and employer mandates, coupled with auto-enrollment for employees working in companies with 200 or more workers, mean substantial increases in health insurance costs. Clients are looking to their brokers to find ways to mitigate those costs or the brokers risk losing their clientís confidence.

This adversity presents an opportunity for a prepared broker. Businesses are confused, and concerned that the ACA mandates will bring unmanageable costs. Offering a smart strategy that demonstrates a mastery of the ACA will help a broker to deepen their relationship to their client.†

Medicaid migration, finding and enrolling eligible workers into Medicaid instead of the company plan, is among the best strategies to bring to your clients. By ensuring that every employee who is eligible for Medicaid is enrolled in Medicaid, and that the owner knows the employee is on Medicaid, you can save your clients tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. What better way to demonstrate your mastery of the ACA?

Geyerhahn will be speaking at the Workplace Benefits Mania conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, July 31 at 9:45 a.m., addressing the topic: Enroll Low-Income Employees in Medicaid and Generate Substantial Employer Savings. To find out more about WBM, hosted by EBAís parent company SourceMedia, click here.

Geyerhahn is founder and CEO of Benestream. He can be reached at


Posted by: Rhonda N | June 30, 2014 10:52 AM

That might be a good strategy to help people. However if you work in an area with a high minimum wage you are in danger of putting a worker in MediCal or Medicaid only to find out they can't qualify. The other problem I have with this relates to the optics. Why are we working so hard to support government run health insurance?

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Posted by: Juliann M | June 25, 2014 12:19 PM

Good move Benestream! After the first OE fiasco, many brokers used an "anti-government/welfare program" approach with clients. The ACA naively ignored the possibility that many groups would fear the ER mandate and keep their employees out of subsidized markets. Yet, ERs are in a lose-lose position in actual practice. It takes some courage to present such an obvious solution born from and at government expense, which is counter-intuitive for ERs AND EEs. * The deal is corrupted: "If I work fulltime, I will get health benefits from my ER, and not have to turn to welfare tracking & reporting of my life." is gone.

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