10 most stressed cities in the US


Workplace stress can have a big impact on employees, often leading to higher rates of illness, absenteeism and turnover. While employers have put in place some effective well-being strategies that have made meaningful strides in reducing behavioral and biometric risks and fostering emotional well-being, reducing stress in particular, remains stubbornly challenging.

Office-related stress plays a big part in a new study from WalletHub that compares stress among some of the country’s largest cities. The financial website compared 182 cities across four key dimensions using 39 different metrics: work-related stress, financial-related stress, family-related stress and health and safety-related stress.

Regarding work-related stress, points were tallied based on factors including unemployment rates, average commute times and income growth rates. As for money-related stressors, median incomes and housing affordability were taken into consideration. Family-related stress was calculated using childcare costs rates and parental-leave policies while health and safety stressors were calculated using statistics on increases in annual health premiums, suicide rates and mental health.

According to WalletHub, these 10 cities are most feeling the pressure (ranked 1-182, with 1 being the highest stress level).

Shreveport, Louisiana, USA downtown skyline on the Red River.
10. Shreveport, Louisiana
Work stress: 34
Financial stress: 15
Family stress: 26
Health and safety stress: 31
Overall score: 55.04
Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware, United States and is located at the confluence of the Christina River and Brandywine Creek
9. Wilmington, Delaware
Work stress: 27
Financial stress: 31
Family stress: 5
Health and safety stress: 36
Overall score: 55.19
3. Birmingham.jpeg
Birmingham, Alabama, USA downtown skyline.
8. Birmingham, Alabama
Work stress: 95
Financial stress: 7
Family stress: 8
Health and safety stress: 18
Overall score: 55.91
7. Cincinnati
Work stress: 18
Financial stress: 23
Family stress: 40
Health and safety stress: 4
Overall score: 56.21
6. St. Louis
Work stress: 30
Financial stress: 2
Family stress: 52
Health and safety stress: 13
Overall score: 56.78
5. Philadelphia
Work stress: 2
Financial stress: 14
Family stress: 60
Health and safety stress: 24
Overall score: 57.08
4. Baltimore
Work stress: 3
Financial stress: 8
Family stress: 4
Health and safety stress: 73
Overall score: 58.54
7. Newark.jpg
Assorted cars passing a downtown area of office buildings along State Highway 21 in Newark, NJ. aRGB profile.
3. Newark, New Jersey
Work stress: 6
Financial stress: 4
Family stress: 3
Health and safety stress: 70
Overall score: 59.14
3. Cleveland.jpg
Downtown Cleveland with the Cuyahoga River and a bridge at dusk.
2. Cleveland
Work stress: 21
Financial stress: 1
Family stress: 11
Health and safety stress: 15
Overall score: 61.13
10. Detroit.jpg
"Detroit skyline at spring, view from Windsor"
1. Detroit
Work stress: 24
Financial stress: 3
Family stress: 2
Health and safety stress: 2
Overall score: 62.72