6 ways to help employees stay resolute about well-being goals during the holiday season

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The holidays are right around the corner which means many of your employees will now encounter a steady diet of baked goods, appetizers and calorie-laden beverages at home and in the workplace. It’s tempting for employees to indulge and compromise the health and fitness goals they've worked so hard to develop and achieve within your well-being programs throughout the year.

But employers don’t have to stand idly by and watch this scene play out. You can play an active role by helping employees stay motivated and on track with creative tactics and events as the New Year approaches.

Go “gate crashing”
At one large chemical manufacturing company, HR staff meets workers where they’re at — via “gate crashing." The HR team greets employees at the plant’s gate during shift changes. During this face-to-face time, HR team members hand out wellness program information, fruit and other incentives to promote current and upcoming wellness programs.
Consider a holiday-themed Bingo-style program to create awareness about your wellness program and increase participation in activities around wellbeing, stress, fitness and volunteerism. Have participants complete tasks on their Bingo cards designed to help them boost their well-being — such as limiting screen time, taking stretch breaks and walking more.
Hold a holiday movie happy hour
Use your corporate fitness center to host a “holiday movie happy hour.” You could ask employees to vote on their favorite holiday-inspired movies to show during workouts.
Build a bike (and then donate it)
HR staff at one large biotech company worked with employees to lead fun team-building activities — including an obstacle course where employees assemble new bicycles, race around the corporate campus and then donate the fully-built and safety-checked bikes to a children’s charity. This one hits the physical, emotional and social dimensions of well-being and has a charitable tie-in for the holiday season.
Trade Christmas cookies for carrots
Simply educating employees on healthy eating habits during the holiday season can go a long way. Encourage employees to trade pumpkin pie for peanuts and gingerbread for whole grains, like quinoa. Supporting your employees when they need you most is important!
Dance party Fridays
At one insurance company, leaders took center stage in a popular class called “spontaneous dance” on Fridays. It’s 15 minutes of movement, similar to a flash mob, and just what employees need on a Friday afternoon to stay motivated and active.

The holiday season can be challenging for employees trying to maintain healthy eating habits and fitness goals. But, with your help, they can make it to the finish line!