Chipotle cooks up bonus program for part-time workers

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Chipotle Mexican Grill is known for offering part-time workers benefits such as tuition reimbursement, but the company’s latest perk might be the guac on top of the burrito bowl. The restaurant chain announced Tuesday that its crews can earn up to a month’s pay in annual bonuses.

To receive the bonus, Chipotle’s 2,500 global locations need to meet sales and output goals as a team, according to a company statement. The benefit is offered quarterly; crews who qualify receive checks for an average week’s worth of pay. Individual restaurants can potentially earn the bonus each quarter, and a month’s worth of extra pay.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate success and be rewarded for their hard work,” says Scott Scansen, Chipotle's senior director of total rewards. “Our new bonus structure is scaled so payout is based on average hours worked per week, which is fair and inclusive.”

Chipotle’s HR department issued the benefit to maintain the company’s competitiveness in the food industry.

“At Chipotle, we’re not only looking to compete for the industry’s best, we’re looking to keep the industry’s best,” Marissa Andrada, Chipotle’s chief people officer, says in a statement. “Chipotle is about cultivating a better world, building a real community that works together to win together, and this bonus program provides a strategic investment in the people who make up the brand.”

Chipotle will notify the first locations to receive the bonus at the end of the second quarter in July. The company’s 70,000 global employees also have access to more than $5,000 in annual college tuition reimbursements, free shift meals and free English as a second language classes for employees and their families.

“With current employment rates so low, today’s workforce has options and can afford to be selective,” Scansen says. “To remain competitive, Chipotle offers all employees best-in-class benefits and opportunities for growth, with a focus on development and promoting from within.”

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