Hyperpersonalization helps employees navigate benefits, boosts engagement

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Alight Solutions, an Illinois-based business process outsourcing company, has launched a new hyperpersonalization solution that provides employees with targeted alerts to help them make more informed decisions around their health, wealth and careers.

The app, email or text communications might nudge employees to check if they are contributing enough to their 401(k), or to remind employees that they haven’t taken advantage of their insurance-covered annual physical yet. These tools will help employees make better use of benefits and other resources available to them, says Adam Johnson, vice president in Alight’s health practice.

“Companies are investing a lot in their overall benefits package; it's not uncommon for us to see someone have 50 unique benefit offerings,” Johnson says. “But employees may not really know what those things are, because so many of them are not relevant to the entire population.”

Specialized benefit programs on maternity, diabetes or sleep may be important to a handful of people, but not to the whole workplace population, Johnson says. So when there’s a flood of benefit options that don’t apply to every single employee, they can find it confusing and difficult to navigate and miss out on benefits that they would potentially use.

“There are people that are really struggling and who are desperate for help but they may have no idea that their employer has gone out and paid for something to help meet their needs in that space,” he says. “This is the solution to help put those tools directly in their hands to use.”

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Alight’s hyperpersonalization platform is driven by data and artificial intelligence, and fully integrates with the company’s HR, benefits and healthcare programs. The platform provides each individual employee with information and encourages them to make active decisions on everything from health benefits including enrollment, cost comparisons and health savings accounts, to wealth and career functions like financial wellbeing, retirement savings, debt management, budgeting, pay, performance and time off.

“In today’s mobile, social and on-demand world, the bar for technology is only getting higher,” says Brannon Lacey, president of benefits solutions at Alight. “Whether it’s in their personal lives or at work, people want greater simplicity, highly customized experiences and the ability for more self-service.”

Dell Technologies, one of Alight Solutions’ clients, saw an improvement in benefit program utilization when they implemented the new platform.

“We are thrilled with the opportunities hyperpersonalization provides for improving program engagement among our team members,” says Tracey Stephens, vice president of global benefits at Dell Technologies. “Now we have one front door for all benefits access, administration and navigation, where our team members can more easily gain access to and make the most of the options available to them.”

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