New tool helps HR move to SAP’s cloud-based HCM

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Enterprise software provider SAP recently unveiled a new human capital management service, called Upgrade2Success, to help HR executives who want to move their back-office software and data to SAP’s cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors HCM platform.

The Upgrade2Success service includes a number of devices to help with a migration, including configuration accelerators, process libraries, and integration and data migration tools.

SAP says Upgrade2Success is available now but declined to provide pricing for the program. “SAP will continue to add more tools and services as we work with more and more customers on their migrations to the cloud,” said an SAP spokeswomen.

“We all see how digital transformation is upending business models, redefining industries and changing the way businesses interact with their customers, their partners and their people,” says Greg Tomb, president of SAP SuccessFactors.

”Those who are addressing this with modern tools are seeing both better financial performance and employees who feel better connected to the business. We want to make sure all our customers are taking advantage of the innovation, insights and user experience boost of the cloud."

The SAP cloud service could be useful for HR executives who are slow to adopt technology and still prefer to have their software stored onsite, explains Josh Bersin, founder and principal of Bersin, Deloitte Consulting.

“Cloud solutions are stable, proven and easier to implement than traditional licensed software,” Bersin says. “HR organizations in particular need upgraded, easier-to-use technology and the cloud has made it easier than ever to find well engineered products to test, pilot and implement. In some cases HR teams can select and purchase solutions without waiting for IT to prioritize the project.”

HR directors have been more welcoming of cloud technology in the HCM field than in previous years, Bersin says. “It’s virtually impossible to run HR without a set of strong technology solutions, including a core HR platform, talent systems, feedback, analytics and employee experience applications,” he says.

“More and more HR teams are now creating digital teams, innovation teams, and doing experiments and prototypes of new technology solutions. Every organization wants simplified, easier-to-use tools to improve productivity,” Bersin says, “and much of this is responsibility is now falling on HR.”

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