5 digital talent management tools to watch
Talent management software is used to assist HR in four critical areas: recruitment, performance management, learning and development and compensation management. There are a lot of vendors offering these systems, but these five companies caught the eyes of EBN’s editors. Companies are listed here in alphabetical order.
1. Centranum.PNG
Centranum Systems
Centranum’s talent management software tracks employee performance and sets goals. Objectives can be drafted, agreed upon and updated interactively by staff and managers throughout the year. The system monitors employee achievements, including progress against targets. It also helps managers identify and address causes of poor performance.
2. Greenhouse.PNG
Greenhouse Software
Greenhouse’s applicant tracking and recruiting software is designed to help HR manage the hiring process. It can identify candidates from job boards, in-person events, external agencies or through in-house referrals and other sources. A calendar tool, which integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal, then keeps track of interviews and follow-up meetings.
PerformYard’s cloud-based feedback and corporate performance management system can be used to set employee goals and track performance. The tool provides real-time updates. Displays track workers’ progress and can generate status reports.
4. ReviewSnap.PNG
Reviewsnap offers an integrated suite of performance review, compensation management and learning management tools. The software helps HR managers identify employees’ strengths and weaknesses for performance reviews.
5. Saba.PNG
Saba’s Halogen TalentSpace provides tools for performance management, succession and leadership planning, recruiting and onboarding, career development and compensation management. The performance management module identifies skill gaps and offers suggested training requirements. The succession and leadership module assesses employees and identifies candidates for promotion.