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5 education-management software providers to know

Moving corporate training online has many advantages. Employees have access to virtual training resources at any time, reducing the need for costly training materials and onsite instructors. This allows HR managers to save time while still educating workers on company policy, safety programs and more. The following providers have caught the eyes of EBN editors and are showcased in alphabetical order.
1. Docebo.PNG


Docebo can automatically assign or enroll workers in training courses and learning plans based on company policies. Employers also can manage recurring training programs by setting expiration dates for certifications to manage renewals and help workers know when it’s time to complete the next retraining session.
2. Litmos.PNG


Litmos allows employers to quickly create courses ranging from compliance to work safety, using more than 1,000 pre-built courses and 50 integrations. The program also gives managers up-to-date reports to see what workers have completed courses, helping to ensure compliance and track training.
3. Schoolkeep.PNG


Workers can access SchoolKeep’s learning programs online and through email and text message. The content can be delivered through a number of formats, including video, audio and rich text. Managers can use SchoolKeep to engage workers in courses ranging from company branding to products and operations.
4. TalentLMS.PNG


TalentLMS uses gamification to engage employees with each other using badges, points, levels, rewards and leaderboards through personalized experiences. Managers can offer courses in multiple languages, and accessed via desktop or mobile devices.
5. Trivantis.PNG


Trivantis’ CourseMill uses its one-to-one chat to allow employees to promote idea sharing, social networking, and user interaction among learners. Employees can access CourseMill via desktop or mobile and can search, sort and filter content items.