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7 simple ways to show employee appreciation
Employees are 38% more engaged when their employer cares about their well-being, and 78% of employees say they’d work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated, according to Limeade research.

A company’s greatest asset is its people. But in the everyday maze of meetings and never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to let employee appreciation slip. The good news? Employee recognition doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, says Laura Hamill, chief people officer at Limeade and managing director of Limeade Institute. Here are seven things employers can do to show their employees they are appreciated.
1. Just say thank you
A simple kudos goes a long way, Hamill says. And, with all of today’s technology, a handwritten note of appreciation will really stand out, and something as simple as a Post-it note on their monitor will make their day.
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2. Public recognition
Congratulate employees for their accomplishments in an all-company email or a team meeting. Even better, Hamill suggests, employers can make a point to celebrate employee wins that happen outside the office, including engagements, babies and new houses. Taking the time to celebrate these milestones will show employees that you care about their accomplishments inside and outside of work.
3. Make it personal
Do you know a movie buff in the office? Swap the usual coffee gift card for a pair of movie tickets. Acknowledge your employees and their hard work in a way that’s meaningful to them, Hamill suggests. Set up a simple survey for your team to collect their favorite things.
4. Give the gifts that keep on giving
Offer career coaching and training opportunities to keep employees learning and growing, Hamill advises. Make a point to talk to employees about goals and aspirations — then give them growth opportunities and guidance to get there.
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5. Get to know them
Build relationships with your employees to let them know you care about them inside and outside of work. Hint: Ask about their weekend, their families and their hobbies, not just their to-do list, Hamill notes.
6. Cut them some slack
Encourage employees to leave the office early after knocking a presentation out of the park, or give them the option to take advantage of a light meeting day and work from home, Hamill adds.
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7. Work perks
From on-site yoga classes to financial guidance, employees will thank you for investing in tools, programs and resources that help them improve in the areas they care about, Hamill says. “In fact, providing tools and resources is the second best way — after manager support — to support employee well-being,” she says.