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8 top providers of HR SaaS offerings
Forrester Research recently evaluated a number of HR software-as-a-service providers. It chose eight it determined to be the most significant players. These vendors’ offerings range from payroll applications to talent acquisition and onboarding systems to human-capital management suites. They are presented in alphabetical order.
1. ADP.Saas.PNG
ADP’s RUN Powered an online payroll and tax processing service offers built-in people management tools specifically designed for small businesses and startups, while ADP’s Vantage HCM — for larger employers — provides employee measurement and analysis and helps HR simply administration and manage costs.
2. Ceredian.SaaS.PNG
Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM is a cloud solution that enables organizations to find and hire talent, process payroll, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records, all while monitoring tasks to ensure HR meets its compliance obligations.
3. Meta4.Saas.PNG
Meta4’s HCM cloud solutions offer employers technology for managing payroll and personnel administration, global talent management, compensation and workforce management.
4. Oracle.SaaS.PNG
Oracle's HCM Cloud handles HR records, employee benefits, compensation as well as talent acquisition and talent review. It comes with mobile, collaboration and analytics capabilities.
5. Ramco.SaaS.PNG
Ramco Systems
Ramco’s HCM platform supports core HR functions, including payroll, talent management, recruiting and planning and analytics.
SAP SuccessFactors
SAP SuccessFactors offers core HR and organizational management capabilities as well as payroll, talent acquisition, onboarding, compensation, time and attendance and workforce management. In addition, SAP's Cloud Platform allows for HR extensions to meet the customer's needs.
7. Ultimate.SaaS.PNG
Ultimate Software
Ultimate Software’s UltiPro HCM system includes features for tracking employment history, benefits and performance; payroll administration, benefits administration and learning management. It also includes machine learning features that can help HR execs analyze employees and drive change.
8. Workday.SaaS.PNG
Workday’s HCM product provides workforce planning, recruiting, talent management; audit and internal controls; compensation and benefits administration; and people analytics.