It's open enrollment season and many employees approach this annual event with trepidation. Choosing a medical plan, figuring out HSA contributions and whether to opt in or out of vision and dental coverage is such an overwhelming task that many workers approach open enrollment with annoyance and dread, according to a survey by VSP Vision Care. Here are a few other fun facts about how employees really feel about open enrollment.

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Holidays and swimsuits
When asked to rank their preference for seven seasons, employees showed a clear preference for holiday season (73%), bathing suit season (48%) and back-to-school season (28%). They even preferred tax season (20%) over open enrollment season (15%). They did, however, rank open enrollment season higher than allergy season (9%) and cold and flu season (8%).

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Supermarket sweep
Given the choice, respondents said they would rather do the grocery shopping (76%) than complete open enrollment.

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Family time
Another activity people would rather do than enroll in benefits is host a family gathering (65%).

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Watching a documentary (64%) also tops the list of what employees would rather do than complete open enrollment.

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Car sharks
Employees were pretty evenly divided (51% vs. 49%) on whether they would prefer completing open enrollment or buying a car.

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The water closet
75% of respondents say they'd rather do open enrollment than clean a teenager's bathroom.

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